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Pontone, the "Village Museum"

Overlooking Amalfi, Pontone is a picturesque hillside village roughly 200 meters above sea level. Currently a district of Scala, Pontone was part of the Municipality of Amalfi until the early 20th century during which time it was a popular destination for the clergy and noble class of the Amalfitan Duchy who were in search of the casual and relaxed atmosphere the village had to offer...

Today Pontone is still a quiet and rural village that enchants every visitor with the renowned warmth and hospitality of its villagers, its aristocratic houses, bell towers and three churches of great historical and artistic value. Pontone's daily life is based around its main square or "piazza" featuring the medieval church of St. John the Baptist, which dates back to the 12th century. Around the same square, you will find two restaurants/pizzeria offering superb local cuisine and a coffee bar where you can sit right under the trees in the square enjoying a good "espresso" or a cold beer.

Pontone is also an excellent starting point for excursions to the other centers along the Amalfi Coast and, especially for nature and mountain trail lovers, to the "Valle delle Ferriere" or towards the famous "Torre dello Ziro".

In conclusion, as late Mons. Cesario D'Amato wonderfully described it in his book "SCALA" published in 1975, "the guest will finally enjoy a small world, simple, poor but extremely pleasant, in complete contrast with the big, urbanized, discontent, grumpy, disrupted world because far from the purity of nature, far from that admirable Artist whom God is..."

How to reach Dint' a Torre in Pontone

By motorway, coming from Naples on the A2, pass Pompei and Salerno. Take the exit for Angri and go for Nocera. Continue along the indications for Valico di Chiunzi. At Valico di Chiunzi follow the signs heading for Ravello, Scala, Amalfi.

When you reach Ravello turn to your right into the tunnel. At its exit turn right again. After a first bend to the right continue for about 50 meters and you reach an intersection to the left (by turning to the right you will reach Scala). Just follow the road signs as this is the road that will safely guide you to Pontone.

Coming from Amalfi continue in the direction for Minori, Maiori, Salerno until you find an intersection with the indications for Pontone, Scala, Ravello, Valico di Chiunzi. Turn left and follow the signs to Pontone.

Coming from Salerno continue in the direction for Maiori, Minori and before you reach Amalfi follow the signs for Pontone Scala, Ravello, Valico di Chiunzi.

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